Photo taken by: Nall Dube

Photo taken by: Nall Dube

                                The Fro Behind the Camera


Always energetic and outgoing, it was no surprise when Angela Webb made the transition from Monroe, LA. to Dallas, TX to explore her creative endeavors.

While at the Art Institute, where she is currently earning her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree, Angela found her passion to pursue fashion photography.

Her love for fashion and deep fascination with the Afrocentric lifestyle has paved the way for her to create memorable characters and share her story with the world through her camera lens.

The skill and production that goes into her photographs has allowed her to contribute fashion-forward work. She believes every woman can conquer her dreams through style. Angela saw much of this woman empowerment, during her internship with Fashion and Commercial photographer, Kelly Williams. At this internship she learned the importance of time management, expanded on her social skills with clients, and networking skills with other artists. 


"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other

people permission to do the same ."  -Marianne Williamson