My Medium Speaks



For my Special Topics class, my professor asked us to challenge ourselves with our manipulation skills. During this time, I had recently reached out to a local fashion designer,Erica Woodmoore, to photograph her pieces. Her collection consisted of dresses, skirts, and jackets that were all blackl. I decided for my digital technique to photograph these all black designs on a black background. I knew it would be a challenge to show color separation between the black clothing and black background. 

This past year during the weekend of the Fourth of July, back to back tragedies took place with two African American men that stirred an uproar in the black community. I felt helpless as I watched my social media pages buzz in chaos questioning what could be done to stop these horrific killings. I then questioned my own beliefs and loyalty to the black community. What could I do besides repost the hashtag of victims #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile?  This was not the first time an incident, so severe had revealed to the world that police were targeting the black community. I began to think back to February 2012 and the Travyon Martin shooting. This was the beginning of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in my generation, but definitely not the first time in history it was taking place. 

Polaroids have always been a fascination of mine, so I decided to manipulate the black on black images into polaroid film. I chose to make the polaroids appear archaic, to symbolize the fifty plus years of known and unknown acts in history of police brutality. At the bottom of the polaroid are the dates of the victims between 2012-2016 who were discriminated at the hands of societies stereotypical beliefs.   

I finally felt with this series, I was able to use my medium as a voice, to recognize the unfortunate misconception upon black men, women, and children in the black community.