Team Work Makes the Dream Work

On location for  Primp

On location for Primp

In February of 2016, I worked with a group of ladies for the launching of Patty Maxine's website. It was my first full production photoshoot that consisted of a stylist, makeup artist, models, and the designer on set. This is where my relationship with stylist Akilah Whitaker began. I was eager to start back up my natural hair series and Akilah had great ideas to contribute to my concept. From Natural Politics, our creative relationship took off. I have always admired photographers like Annie Leibovitz who has produced beautiful portraits, but has a dream team behind her work. It can be a challenge working with others when everyone has a different skill, yet this is what makes the final product worth wild . Akilah's Bachelors in Business from the University of North Texas has definitely come in handy when she has brought new clients to the table. She has influenced me in my professionalism and work ethic enormously. I am grateful to have worked on so many great project and to have met so many great young women and men along the way. It is a blessing to be able to do what you love and learn new things along the way. 

On location for  Natural Politics       

On location for Natural Politics



Akilah's Brand         

Akilah's Brand




In the studio for  Colour

In the studio for Colour

My Medium Speaks



For my Special Topics class, my professor asked us to challenge ourselves with our manipulation skills. During this time, I had recently reached out to a local fashion designer,Erica Woodmoore, to photograph her pieces. Her collection consisted of dresses, skirts, and jackets that were all blackl. I decided for my digital technique to photograph these all black designs on a black background. I knew it would be a challenge to show color separation between the black clothing and black background. 

This past year during the weekend of the Fourth of July, back to back tragedies took place with two African American men that stirred an uproar in the black community. I felt helpless as I watched my social media pages buzz in chaos questioning what could be done to stop these horrific killings. I then questioned my own beliefs and loyalty to the black community. What could I do besides repost the hashtag of victims #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile?  This was not the first time an incident, so severe had revealed to the world that police were targeting the black community. I began to think back to February 2012 and the Travyon Martin shooting. This was the beginning of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in my generation, but definitely not the first time in history it was taking place. 

Polaroids have always been a fascination of mine, so I decided to manipulate the black on black images into polaroid film. I chose to make the polaroids appear archaic, to symbolize the fifty plus years of known and unknown acts in history of police brutality. At the bottom of the polaroid are the dates of the victims between 2012-2016 who were discriminated at the hands of societies stereotypical beliefs.   

I finally felt with this series, I was able to use my medium as a voice, to recognize the unfortunate misconception upon black men, women, and children in the black community.   

Carrie Mae Weems, "The Work Tells you what it Needs"

Carrie Mae Weems is a black, American, narrative photographer who is known for her documentary work on race, feminism, and identity. I have had the chance to present and research Weems for numerous class projects for the past ten weeks. I have been fascinated with the articles and books that has led me to understand her as a person as well as an artist. I was shocked to learn, that in 2013 she was the first Black woman photographer to have a solo photo exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. In 2014, amongst many BET honorees she received the Visual Arts Award presented by Hip-Hop mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons.  

It is not easy as an up and coming photographer to know what your work will be categorized amongst viewers and other artists. I personally thrive off photographing clothing and products that promote fashion brands, yet have found myself more passionate about concepts that have purpose or symbolic meaning. Carrie Mae Weems' body of work The Kitchen Table Series contains black and white images that identify with women in different roles. A mother, a significant other, a friend, and balancing an internal relationship with yourself are subjects every woman can relate to. I found this series self-empowering, in my personal life as well as my role as an artist. 


Carrie Mae Weems' Fresh Talk at the National Museum of the Women in the Arts is a noble speech answering the question, " Can an artist inspire social change?" From that presentation I will always take this quote with me. 


“One important thing you learn as an artist, if you're focused, really, really focused, the work tells you what it needs, what it needs to be, and embedded in every project, is the beginning of the next project.”


-Carrie Mae Weems

Behind the Scenes with PATTY MAXINE

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing designs by, LaTosha Johnson, Creator & Fashion Designer of PATTY MAXINE designs. Prior to our shoot we were so ecstatic that we had met! Our creative relationship couldn't have been more in sync. We had so many ideas and were eager to start right away . As we brought our resources together( make-up artist, stylist models) we had no idea how GREAT things would turn-out.  As Beyonce's "Formation" blasted through the speakers on set, it was the hard work of Stylist: Akilah Whitaker, Make-Up Artist: Autenee Powell & Model(s): Bianca Wiles, Cameron Inman, &  Lanette Sok that made this shoot feel more like fun than work. I can not wait to share this project with everyone and the many projects to come. Stay on the look out for these new items! In the meantime, checkout clothing at for items that are on the close out sale!


BFA Photography Exhibition

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For my Exhibition Thesis class, me and four of my classmates are presenting our work, in our first gallery show. Over an eleven week period, we have worked together to photograph and critique five very different styles of work. From Fashion, Food, & Live Music there was never a dull moment in preparing for this show. We have learned so much from one another and touched on many different subjects. From Stereotype to learning where to get the Best Burger in Dallas, come find out what conversations our photos bring to your circle. (Click on Photo for Sneak Peek)

December 5, 2015


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